30 April 2010

Sunrise to Float? Debate continues

Yesterday, Woodside and its partners announced that they have chosen a floating LNG plant in the middle of the Timor Sea as their preferred development option for the Greater Sunrise gas and oil field. Timor-Leste's government denounced Woodside's "unacceptable level of arrogance" and reiterated that Timor-Leste "will not accept or endorse this concept and it’s associated plan now or in the future."

Over the last few months, the discussion over Greater Sunrise has intensified, and  Timor-Leste media have been filled with misinformation regarding the Greater Sunrise project.

La'o Hamutuk, as a Timorese organization which has followed this issue for many years, hopes that this project will give maximum benefit to the Timorese people. We are concerned that many commentators misrepresent the reality of the situation, which has economic, legal, technical and environmental aspects, not only politics.

Therefore, La'o Hamutuk has launched a web page to provide background, documents, analysis and information to help people understand the issue. We welcome your comments and information.

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