23 July 2010

LH Submission on Cova-1 deep water test well

La'o Hamutuk has just made a submission to the RDTL National Environmental Directorate about the Cova-1 deep-water exploration oil well which Eni wants to drill in September in Timor-Leste's exclusive offshore territory. Our main points are:
  • Public consultation should be better.
  • Safe and clean operation is more important than Eni’s financial gain.
  • The oil spills modeled are too small.
  • No flaring should be allowed.
  • Regulators have the right to inspect operations.
  • Local content requires more effort.
  • Pay attention to accuracy and detail.
  • Eni should plan for 2010’s unusual weather patterns.
  • Plan for additional ship traffic.
La'o Hamutuk web page on the Cova-1 project.

16 July 2010

The Impact of Oil and Gas Exploitation on Social and Environmental Destruction

Invitation to a Public Meeting on 29 July
Oilwatch is an international network against the destructive consequences from the activities of petroleum companies in tropical countries. The Oilwatch network promotes solidarity and reinforces common struggles among developing countries. Oilwatch understands that today’s model of exploiting non-renewable resources in developing countries disempowers people and violates their rights to make decisions about their own natural resources. The Oilwatch network resists the negative impacts of the oil and gas industry on people and their environment.
    This year, as a member of Oilwatch, La’o Hamutuk will host a regional meeting of Oilwatch Southeast Asia, with participants from Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand  and Nigeria. La’o Hamutuk would like to use this opportunity to help Timor-Leste’s people learn from Oilwatch’s experience, and about the impacts of the oil and gas industry in other countries. Therefore, we are inviting you to participate in a public meeting: The Impact of Oil and Gas Exploitation on Social and Environmental Destruction, with speakers from Oilwatch Southeast Asia and Oilwatch International. It will be held at the Liceu, UNTL.

   Presentations and reports from the public meeting are now available at http://www.laohamutuk.org/Oil/Oilwatch/10OilwatchSEAJul2010.htm.

Impaktu Eksploitsaun Mina no Gas ba Destruisaun Sosial no Meiu-Ambiente

Konvite ba  Enkontru Publiku iha loron 29 Jullu                           
    Oilwatch rede internasional ida ne’ebé kontra konsekuensia aat husi atividade kompañia petroleum nian liu-liu iha nasaun tropikal sira. Oilwatch ne'e rede ida ne’ebé promove solidariedade no haforsa identidade ne’ebé hanesan entre nasaun sira ne'ebé foin dezenvolve-an. Oilwatch komprende modelu eksploitasaun ba rekursu iha nasaun foin dezenvolve-an sira ohin loron nian ne'ebé la fo kbiit ba povu  no la respeita povu nia direitu atu halo desizaun ba sira nia rekursu rai nian. Oilwatch rede rezistensia nian kontra impaktu negativu husi atividade industria mina no gas ba ema no ba sira nia meiu-ambiente.
    Tinan ne'e nudar membru ida husi Oilwatch, La’o Hamutuk sei sai uma nain ba enkontru regional Oilwatch Asia Sudeste nian, ho partisipante sira husi Indonesia, Filipina, Burma, Tailandia no Nigeria. La’o Hamutuk mos hakarak aproveita oportunidade ne'e atu povu Timor-Leste mos bele aprende buat foun ruma husi Oilwatch nia esperiensia, no kona-ba impaktu industria mina no gas iha rai seluk. Tan ne'e liu husi karta ne'e ami hakarak konvida ita boot sira mai partisipa iha Enkontru Publiku IMPAKTU EKSPLOITSAUN MINA NO GAS BA DESTRUISAUN SOSIAL NO MEIU-AMBIENTE, ho narador husi Oilwatch Asia Sudeste no Oilwatch Internasional,  ne'ebé sei hala’o iha:
  • Fatin    : Auditorium Liceu - UNTL
  • Data    : Kinta 29 Jullu 2010
  • Horas    : 08:30 – 13:00 OTL

15 July 2010

LH 2009 Annual Report on line

La'o Hamutuk has published our Annual Report for 2009, including a description and evaluation of our work and its results, a list of articles we wrote or were cited in, and our financial situation. In the spirit of transparency, we encourage other organizations and institutions to do the same.

09 July 2010

Reparasaun no Institutu kontinuasaun CAVR no KVA

La’o Hamutuk aktualmente kria ona pajina web foun ida kona-ba lei rua ne’e molok Parlamentu kria institutu kontinuasaun ida ba Komisaun Verdade nian iha ne’e no Programa Nasional ba Reparasaun nian, ho dokumentus, analiza, submisaun ba Parlamentu no ligasaun sira.

Liu tiha tinan sanulu ona hafoin okupasaun Indonezia nian remata iha Timor-Leste, no liu tiha ona tinan lima hafoin Comisaun Akoilhamentu Verdade no Rekonsiliasaun (CAVR) fo sai sira nia relatoriu komprehensivu, Parlamentu Nasional Timor-Leste, diskute hela lei rua atu kria instituisaun foun ida atu tau matan ba implementasaun rekomendasaun balun husi CAVR no Komisaun Verdade no Amizade Indonesia-Timor-Leste, no atu defini programa ida ba reparasaun nian.

Lei hirak ne’e, ne’ebe iha ligasaun ba buat balun deit husi rekomendasaun CAVR nian ne’ebe barak ba governu no instituisaun sira iha Timor-Leste no fatin sira seluk ne’e bazeia deit ba iha dokumentu konseitu nian ne’ebe dezenvolve iha tinan kotuk husi Grupu Servisu NGO sira no grupu vitima sira nian, ne’ebe kontinua ho Sesaun Plenaria Parlamentu nian hodi debate lei rua ne’e.

Submisaun La’o Hamutuk nian ba Parlamentu ne’e ho linha iha Tetum ka Inglesh no iha kraik. Pontus importantente sira mak ne’e:
  • Ami suporta kompenzasaun ba vitima sira nebe’e vulneravel.
  • Rekomendasaun hotu CAVR nian importante.
  • Lei rua ne’e la lori ita atu hapara impunidade.
  • Labele subar ka oho lia-los.
  • Se mak atu responsabiliza atu hadi’ak estragus?
  • Strutura Institutu Publiku ba Memoria tenke klaru.

Reparations and following up the CAVR and CTF

La'o Hamutuk has created a new web page about two laws now before Parliament to create a follow-up institution for the Truth Commissions here and to design a program of reparations, with documents, analysis, submissions to Parliament and links.

More than ten years after the end of the Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste, and more than five years after Commission on Truth, Reception and Reconciliation (CAVR) issued its comprehensive report, the National Parliament of Timor-Leste is discussing two laws to create a new institution to oversee implementation of some recommendations from CAVR and the Indonesia-Timor-Leste Commission on Truth and Friendship (CTF), and to define a program of reparations.

These laws, which relate to only a few of CAVR's many recommendations to government and institutions in Timor-Leste and elsewhere, were based on a Concept Paper developed last year by a Working Group of NGOs. This week, Parliament Committee A held hearings with local NGOs and victims' groups. It was hoped that a Plenary Session of Parliament would debate the two laws and pass them before Parliament recesses on 15 July. However, due the complexity of issues raised at the hearings and in meetings with the Government, Committee A decided to wait until Parliament returns from recess in mid-September.

La'o Hamutuk's submission to Parliament is on line in English or Tetum, and is abridged slightly below.  The main points are:
  • We support compensation for vulnerable victims.
  • All of the CAVR recommendations are important.
  • These two laws do not move us toward ending impunity.
  • Truth must not be suppressed.
  • Who is responsible to repair the damage?
  • The Memory Institute “Instituto Público” must have a clear structure.

08 July 2010

Give input to Environ. Impact Stmt for Cova test oil well

The Italian oil giant Eni is inviting comments on its proposed Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Management Plan for the Cova-1 test well.  If approved, this will be the first oil well ever drilled in Timor-Leste's exclusive area.  Submissions are due by 23 July to the RDTL National Directorate for Environment.

Eni has contracted with the Italian company Saipem (of which it owns 43%), to drill the ultra-deep Cova-1 exploration well. The well will be in 1,930 metre deep water, and will extend 4,200 metres below the sea surface. The Cova EIS admits that this is an inherently high-risk activity (the current oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is under 1,500 metres of water). Eni hopes to start drilling in September.

La'o Hamutuk has posted a web page on this project, with background and Eni's proposed documents in English and other languages.

If you cannot write your own submission but have information or ideas you would like La'o Hamutuk to include in ours, please pass them on. Thank you.

Fo input ba konsulta kona-ba perforasun mina-rai nian iha Cova

Kompania Mina-rai gigante Italia nian, Eni, konvida komentariu ba nia proposta Estatementu Impaktu Meiu-ambiente nian no Planu Jestaun Meiu-ambiente nian ba explorasaun perfurasaun (posu) Cova-1. Karik hetan aprovasaun, posu ida ne’e sei sai posu ida ne’ebe fura dahuluk iha Timor-Leste nia area ezklusivu. Submisaun sira ne’e sei hato’o ba iha Diresaun Nasional Meu-Ambiente RDTL nian to’o iha loron 23 Julhu.

Eni iha kontratu tan ho kompania Italia nian, Saipem ( ne’ebe nia iha asoens 43%), atu fura posu eksplorasaun Cova-1 ne’ebe klean liu. Posu ne’e sei iha metru 1,930 ba tasi nia klean, no sei aumenta metru 4,200 husi tasi okos. Cova nia Estatementu Impaktu Meiu-ambiente nian  hateten sai katak ida ne’e aktividade ida ne’ebe iha risku ne’ebe as duni (foin dadauk mina-fakar iha Golfo Mexico nian iha metru 1,500 iha be’e okos). Eni hein atu hahu’u perfurasaun iha Setembru.

La’o Hamutuk publika ona pajina web ida kona-ba projeitu ida ne’e, ho nia hu’un no dokumentu ne’ebe Eni propoin iha lian Tetum no lian seluk.

Karik ita boot sira la hakerek ita boot sira nia submisaun maibe iha informasaun ka hanoin ruma ne’ebe hakarak atu La’o Hamutuk inklina iha ami nia submisaun, bele haruka mai. Obrigadu barak.