31 August 2011

Thoughts for the regional EITI Conference in Dili

On 25-26 August, the Government of Timor-Leste hosted a regional conference of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), attended by civil society, government representatives, oil companies and development partners from Asia, the Fragile States, and elsewhere. For more information on EITI and the conference, click here.

La'o Hamutuk observed that much time was given to appreciation and congratulations, with little discussion of the hard work needed to avoid the "resource curse," or of recent developments in Timor-Leste which make it more likely that our finite, non-renewable petroleum wealth may be misused. We distributed some thoughts to participants near the end of the conference -- click here for our 5-page statement in Tetum or English or continue for an edited version, with links and graphics.

Hanoin balu ba konferensia rejional EITI iha Dili

Iha loron 25-26 Agustu, Governu Timor-Leste sai uma nain ba konferensia rejional Inisiativa Transparensia iha Industria Ekstrativa (EITI), partisipa husi sosiedade sivil, reprezentante Governu, kompania petroleu no parseiru dezenvolvimentu husi Azia, Estadu Frajil, no sira seluk tan. Atu hetan informasaun tan kona-ba EITI no konferensia ne’e, klik iha ne’e.

La’o Hamutuk observa katak tempu barak uza atu ba halo apresiasaun no kongratulasaun, ho diskusaun oituan ba servisu boot ne’ebe presiza atu evita “Malisan Rekursu,” ka dezenvolvimentu atual iha Timor-Leste ne’ebe bele halo ita nia rekursu nau-petroleu ne’ebe limitadu ne’e  uza lalos. Ami fahe hanoin balu ba partisipantes sira bainhira konferensia ne’e besik atu remata. Klik iha ne’e atu hetan ami nia statementu ho pajina 5 iha Tetum ka Ingles ka kontinua atu hetan versaun hadika nian, ho ligasaun no grafiku balun.