06 October 2010

One Hour for Mother Earth 10-10-10

from 3 pm to 4 pm OTL on Sunday 10-10-2010.

We are a new movement calling for climate justice which will do a march and plant hundreds of mangrove trees on the seacoast in Bidau Santana, Dili.

With deepest consideration on the risk of climate change to Timor-Leste, and to share with other colleagues on this day of global campaigning to limit the world carbon emissions to reduce the global atmospheric concentration to 350 ppm as recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Together we can make a difference and ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE WITH CLIMATE JUSTICE.

To everyone in Timor-Leste in solidarity with Climate Justice:

On Sunday, 10/10/2010, thousands of actions all over the world will celebrate the international campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save our planet.

In Timor-Leste, an organizing committee is asking religious, government and other leaders, as well as the entire population of Dili, to take part in this campaign with a concrete action: stop all fossil-fuel-based transport in Dili from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Timor-Leste time on Sunday, 10 October 2010.

This concrete action will show the world that Timor-Leste is in solidarity with people worldwide in our common campaign on that day to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Our declaration follows below.

In addition, people will gather at 3:00 pm at the intersection next to Farol Primary School (across from Hasatil) to walk to the mouth of the river in Bidau Santana to plant mangrove trees, and we welcome everyone to join us.


Today, the entire world is confronted by the huge impacts of climate change. The world is already at great risks to humanity, ecological disasters, hunger, island nations disappearing under the sea. These consequences come from the interests of rich people, companies and countries who give importance only to their economic profit, rather than the lives of people around the world.

Many scientists have already concluded their research about this planet and the lives of its inhabitants. The conditions that are leading the way to destroy the world will not be avoided when people, companies and industrialized countries continue to increase their emissions into the global atmosphere.

The world will be able to survive for many more years with the guarantee that everyone will have the opportunity to live and have children, only if everyone realizes that the emission of greenhouse gases must be reduced, by changing people’s lifestyles.

Timor-Leste has already become an oil-producing nation, and is therefore a contributor to global emissions. Development inside our country will also lead us to environmental damage and pollution.

Today’s reality in Timor-Leste also shows us that we are at risk from hunger, a danger confronting humanity and human existence is close to us today. The rainy season doesn't follow its time, dry days are few, natural disasters happen every day, agricultural production falls and is destroyed, many springs have dried up, seas are high and rough (eroding the coastal zone), and more.

Everyone must pay attention to these phenomena, we all must be aware of “One world for all of us,” and we must all come together to save the planet for our children and future generations.

Therefore, we from the Timor-Leste Movement for Climate Justice ask and demand of:
  • Industrialized countries should reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 40-45% in 2020 and 80-85% in 2050, based on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report.
  • Industrialized countries, especially the United States, European Union, Australia, China, Japan and others should consider all people in the world, and work to normalize greenhouse gases globally at 350 ppm.
  • Industrialized countries should give reparations and compensation equal to the environmental destruction they have caused so far.
  • Industrialized countries should mobilize and expand their use of environmentally-friendly renewable energy, including changing current environmentally-destructive lifestyles .
  • The United Nations which facilitates Conventions on Climate Change should be more pro-active in giving pressure to highlight resolve this global emergency. They should resolve to stop and immediately cut environmentally destructive technology and development practices.
  • The United Nations, especially the Security Council, should issue a resolution against countries which gravely pollute to the subregional or regional level, as a crime against humanity.
  • The Government of Timor-Leste must also think about its own people, to follow a development path which is sustainable, renewable, and friendly to the environment.
  • The Government of Timor-Leste, which has already signed the Kyoto Protocol, should implement the clauses of this protocol.
  • Peoples all over the world must be aware that it is essential to reduce emissions and change lifestyles to save our planet.
  • The Government of Timor-Leste should cancel the expensive heavy oil project, which destroys land and the environment, and reallocate its budget to develop and promote environmentally friendly energy sources like wind, hydroelectric, solar, biogas and other renewable energy.
The Struggle Continues.

Movement for Climate Justice
Haburas Foundation, La’o Hamutuk, Permatil, Hasatil (list in formation) and other activists and individuals.
Contact: Demetrio Amaral (Haburas) +670-723-1881 or Maxi Tahu (La'o Hamutuk)  +670-733-6307



  1. This is really great. I wish I were there with you. Best luck. Hare dalen. Kai Grieg

  2. I'm also sorry I'm not there. But then, I'm inside the biggest polluter in the world. I need to be working on things here. A luta continua...

  3. A Luta Kontinua!!!!!!!!!!!!, I m really so sorry can't joint with all of you. But its a good step of all Timorise to understand whats the impact of Climate Change to their life.

    "Oras ida ba mundo", "hanoin ida ba futuru",