16 February 2011

Help La'o Hamutuk analyze draft Environmental Law

In late January, Timor-Leste's Secretary of State for Environment circulated a Portuguese-language draft of a basic Environmental Law (also PDF) for limited public consultation, with the letter at right. The Secretary accepted La'o Hamutuk's request to extend the comment period until the end of February.

La'o Hamutuk did a preliminary computer-assisted translation of the draft law into English (also PDF), and we are asking people and organizations to make your own submissions or to email us with ideas, suggested changes or other analysis which will help us write ours.

Update, 2 March 2011:

On 28 February, La'o Hamutuk submitted 50 pages of analysis and recommendations on this law to the State Secretariat for Environment, in three parts:
Click for a summary of the submission or a longer (but still abridged) version.

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