07 July 2011

Strategic Development Plan & proposed laws online

La'o Hamutuk has scanned and posted the Portuguese-language, 234-page proposed Strategic Development Plan that the Government presented to Parliament this week.  The Prime Minister has urged Parliament to approve it on Monday, 11 July, before the Development Partners meeting.

For the SDP documents, and more information, click this link.

Update: On Thursday afternoon, the SDP was posted to the Government portal website in English (16 MB) and Portuguese (4 MB).
On 11 July, as Parliament began debating the Plan, La'o Hamutuk circulated our preliminary analysis.

Earlier this week, Parliament received two other important legislative proposals which were passed by the Council of Ministers in June, and we have posted the Portuguese texts and explanatory memoranda, and translated them into English. Scroll up from the links below for background, analysis and other documents:
Revision to the Petroleum Fund Law

Regime for taking on external debt

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