07 September 2013

LH Bulletin highlights land rights, food sovereignty

After a lapse of several years, the La'o Hamutuk Bulletin has resumed publication.  The July 2013 issue includes:
  • Whom Will the Land Laws Empower?
  •      Land Law glossary
  •      New books on land consultation
  • Food Sovereignty and Food Security
  •      Seed Policy glossary
  •      La'o Hamutuk Submission on Seed Policy 
  • Editorial: Together We Can End Impunity
Paper copies of the Bulletin are available in English or Tetum from La'o Hamutuk's office in Bebora, Dili. The Bulletin can also be read online in English or Tetum or downloaded as PDF in English or Tetum.

Click here for links to all previous Bulletins and a list of the articles they contain.

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