04 July 2014

New La'o Hamutuk page on Oecusse Special Economic Zone

La'o Hamutuk has just published the first edition of an extensive web page on the Special Zone for Social Market Economy planned for Oecusse. The page, in both English and Tetum, contains many graphics, documents, links and videos.  It will be updated and revised as we obtain more information.  The main topics are:
  • Aiming high - the project's dreams and goals
  • Many Timor-Leste laws don't apply - autonomy and unelected governance
  • Consulting the public - or the lack thereof, especially for women
  • Spending and/or investment - $1 million in 2013, $23m in 2014, $4 billion more in future
  • Documents, laws, videos, plans and other resources

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