02 February 2010

La'o Hamutuk job announcement (English)

La’o Hamutuk (“Walking Together” in English) is a Timor-Leste civil society organization that monitors, analyzes and reports on the principal institutions in Timor-Leste as they relate to the physical, economic and social development of the country. La’o Hamutuk believes that the people of Timor-Leste must be the ultimate decision-makers in this process, which should be democratic and transparent.

La’o Hamutuk is an independent organization which works to facilitate effective Timorese participation in the reconstruction and development of the country. In addition, La’o Hamutuk works to improve communication between the international community and Timor-Leste’s people. Finally, La’o Hamutuk is a resource center, providing literature on development models, experiences and practices, as well as facilitating solidarity links between Timor-Leste groups and groups abroad with the aim of creating alternative development models.

La'o Hamutuk works in broad thematic areas: State Finances and Petroleum dependency, Economics, Good Governance, Agriculture and Land Issues.

More information about La'o Hamutuk and its publications, including our Bulletin, statements and Annual Reports, can be obtained at http://www.laohamutuk.org and on the back page of each Bulletin. For information about being an international volunteer or intern at La'o Hamutuk, see http://www.laohamutuk.org/misc/LHVolunteerInfo.htm.

We are currently looking for qualified researchers, to be based in Dili with some work in the districts.

We especially encourage women to apply.
Job Description

Each researcher investigates and reports on the activities of international organizations, foreign and Timor-Leste governments and other institutions operating in Timor-Leste. La'o Hamutuk is a non-hierarchical organization where staff members share responsibility and coordination for all activities, and decisions regarding the organization are by consensus. Therefore, researchers also carry out administrative and logistics-related activities within the organization, including working collaboratively with other staff and advisory bodies to develop and implement the organization's work plan.

We need
  • Experience in international development work and/or policy research, with the ability to present information clearly in written and oral form;
  • Strong commitment to making the development process in Timor-Leste more democratic, participatory and transparent;
  • Experience as a political activist and/or human rights advocate;
  • Experience and knowledge of areas of monitoring cited above;
  • Facility in written and spoken English and Tetum, with willingness to become fluent. Portuguese also desirable;
  • Strong organizational and computer skills;
  • Ability to work cooperatively and creatively in a multi-cultural setting;
  • Commitment to share skills and help build other people's capacity;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the history and politics of Timor-Leste;
  • Experience living and working in a developing country; interest and capacity to live simply;
  • Sound physical and psychological health;
  • Willingness to commit to work with La'o Hamutuk for a minimum of two years.
We offer

La'o Hamutuk is a small but vibrant organization; our staff works together in teams on different issues. La'o Hamutuk's local and international staff enjoy equal responsibilities and compensation, including a salary of US$800/month, with health insurance and housing allowance as needed. For international staff, travel to and from Timor-Leste and a readjustment allowance are also provided.


Applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered as they are received. Please include the following:
  • Cover letter indicating for which position you would like to apply and why you want to work with La'o Hamutuk;
  • CV detailing educational background and professional and volunteer experience;
  • Sample of your writing in English or Tetum about the development process in Timor-Leste, two to five pages long;
  • Contact details of at least two references.
Applications can be sent to La'o Hamutuk's office in Bebora, Dili, Timor-Leste, or to laohamutuk@gmail.com. For additional information call +670 3321040.

Updated September 2018. Future updates in English and Tetum will be posted to http://www.laohamutuk.org/misc/LHJobAnnouncement.html.

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