05 May 2010

Schedule for consultation on Strategic Development Plan

Since 19 April, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão has been meeting with community leaders and local citizens in every subdistrict of Timor-Leste to discuss the Strategic Development Plan for the Nation for 2011-2030. He started in Los Palos and moved through Baucau and Viqueque districts. After a short break, he will go through the mountain and western districts, including Oecussi, before finishing in Dili in July. La'o Hamutuk is publishing his schedule to encourage people to share their thoughts with the Prime Minister when he visits their communities.

Click here for complete daily schedule or texts and analysis of the Plan (also Tetum)

District schedule (each day is in a different subdistrict)

19-23 April: Lautem
24-28 April: Baucau
30 April - 6 May Viqueque, plus Vemasse and Laleia
12-14 May: Aileu
15-22 May: Manufahi and Ainaro
23-27 May: Manatuto
1-5 June: Ermera
6-11 June: Covalima

After a break and the Parliamentary debate on the mid-year budget rectification, the Prime Minister resumes his travels, but without specific dates:
Five days in Liquica, plus Railako
Five days in Bobonaro
Five days in Oecussi
Seven days in Dili, including Atauro and ending in Laulara on the 71st day.

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