04 March 2011

Corruption and the Resource Curse in Timor-Leste

La'o Hamutuk was recently asked to give a presentation as part of the Strategic Planning for Timor-Leste's new Commission Against Corruption. Our Tetum-language presentation (also translated into English) focuses on lessons to be learned from other countries as well as the characteristics of oil-export-dependent economies that encourage corruption. We pointed out some signs of corruption which can be found in budget, documents and suggested that CAC form a legislative division to ensure that future laws can prevent, rather than allow, corruption.

La'o Hamutuk foin halo aprezentasaun ba planimentu estratejeiku Komisaun Kontra Korrupsaun (CAC) nian. Ami nia aprezentasaun iha lian Tetum (mos iha Ingles) inklui buat balu Timor-Leste bele aprende husi rai seluk, no mos karakteristika ekonomia depende makaas ba exportasaun mina rai, bele hamosu korrupsaun. Ami dehan katak dokumentu husi Orsamentu Estadu bele fo indikasaun ba korrupsaun, no mos sujere katak CAC bele kria divisaun legislativa ida atu garantia katak lei foun sira bele prevene, la'os fasilita, korrupsaun.

Click for information on the draft Anti-Corruption Law currently before Parliament.

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