25 April 2013

Information is power - decentralize it

La'o Hamutuk has just published a new edition of our Reference DVD-ROM (also Tetum) with 4 gigabytes of information from our website and blog, downloads of key government websites, and many reports about Timor-Leste, the region and the world.

Most of this material is available on the web, including on La'o Hamutuk's site. However, internet access in Timor-Leste is among the scarcest and most expensive in the world, so we're making it available in this format for people without easy access to internet.

The DVD was updated for a training we gave to journalists on Sources of Information (also Tetum), organized by FOTI-Timor-Leste.  This training describes a wide variety of information available on Timor-Leste from Government and other sources.

During the past year, La'o Hamutuk has given more than a dozen trainings and presentations to a wide range of groups and institutions on Timor-Leste's budget and economy, maritime boundaries with Australia, the Tasi Mane project, Gender-responsive Budgeting, the Procurement Portal, Transparency, Veterans' pensions, seed policy and other topics.  We just updated our flagship presentation Rights and Sustainability in Timor-Leste's Development. (A Tetum version is forthcoming.)

In order to make this material available to more people, we link to the presentations from a new page on our website -- PowerPoint and PDF files, English and Tetum. Please download and use them. If you would like a La'o Hamutuk researcher to present to a training, group or event, contact us at info@laohamutuk.org or +670-3321040.

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