01 December 2016

Come to public discussion on the 2017 budget and economic sustainability

Tetum iha kraik
La’o Hamutuk  presented our analysis of the proposed 2017 General State Budget to Parliament's  Committee C and its Panorama Orsamentál budget seminar, and we have discussed it with Members of Parliament.  Nevertheless, Parliament approved the budget in generality, and specific amendments are currently being analyzed by a closed-door committee, with final debate and voting on the specifics of the budget law to take place before 14 December.

However, we believe that it is important for the public to have access to this information, as well as to perspectives from civil society, academics, students, journalists and international agencies working in Timor-Leste.

Therefore, La’o Hamutuk would like to invite you to a public meeting, which will include a presentation by La’o Hamutuk on the budget and one by a representative of the Central Bank of Timor-Leste about the Petroleum Fund. The principal language of the meeting will be Tetum.

Public Meeting on the proposed 2017 State Budget and Timor-Leste’s economic sustainability
Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Please join us to share constructive ideas which will help us all understand more about Timor-Leste’s economic and financial situation, and the impact that the 2017 State Budget will have for Timor-Leste’s people. Click here for more information and documents about the proposed State Budget.

=============== Tetum tuir mai =================
La’o Hamutuk halo ona submisaun no aprezentasaun ba semináriu Panorama Orsamentál ho ami nia hanoin kona-ba proposta Orsamentu Jerál Estadu 2017, no ami diskute proposta ne’e ho Deputadu sira.

Maibé, importante mós atu fahe informasaun ne’e ho públiku, no atu rona perspetiva no komentáriu husi sosiedade sivíl, akadémiku, estudante, jornalista no ajénsia internasionál sira.

Ho hanoin ida ne’e mak La’o Hamutuk sei hala’o enkontru públiku ida. La’o Hamutuk sei aprezenta ami nia analíse kona-ba proposta Orsamentu ba 2017 no Timor-Leste nia ekonomia, no reprezentativu ida husi Banku Sentrál sei mós fahe sira nia perspetiva kona-ba Fundu Petrolíferu.

Enkontru Públiku kona-ba proposta Orsamentu Jerál Estadu 2017 no Timor-Leste nia sustentabilidade ekonómiku
Tersa-feira, 6 Dezembru 2016

Ho ita bo’ot sira nia prezensa no partisipasaun hodi fó hanoin konstrutivu mak sei ajuda ita hotu atu komprende kle’an liu tan kona-ba Timor-Leste nia situasaun ekonómiku no finanseiru, no Orsamentu Estadu 2017 nia impaktu ba povu Timor-Leste nia moris. Klik iha ne'e atu hetan informasaun tan konana proposta Orsamentu Estadu.


  1. Will you post a recording and/or slides after the meeting? I'd like to attend but it's hard to make oneself available on a Tuesday morning when you have work.

    1. We will post the slides from La'o Hamutuk and (with their permission) from the Central Bank. We will probably not do a recording, although it's possible that TVE will record and broadcast the meeting.

    2. The meeting went well, and links to the slides (in Tetum) have been added to the text of the invitations above. On 9 December, after considering around 80 proposed amendments, Parliament unanimously approved the 2017 Budget Law.