08 July 2012

Seats resulting from Parliamentary Election

Go to La'o Hamutuk's website for more complete and updated information about the election results including how seats are allocated, names of winning candidates, and other things.
Or read why we think a Government of National Unity would be bad for Timor-Leste.

According to preliminary complete results from STAE, here's how the 65 seats will be assigned in Timor-Leste's next Parliament, using a 3% threshold and the D'Hondt method for seat allocation:
CNRT: 30
Partido Democratico: 8
Frente-Mudanca: 2

If the final counting increases KHUNTO's vote by 150, they'll pass the threshold and get two seats, which will come from CNRT and Fretilin. As only 89 ballots are still disputed, this is unlikely.

Timor-Leste's law says that parties getting less than 3% of the valid vote are not included in the seat allocation. Without a threshold, the allocation would have been PDN 1, PD 7, PSD 1, Frenti-Mudanca 2, KHUNTO 2, CNRT 27, FRETILIN 22, ASDT 1, PST 1, UNDERTIM 1.

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