24 July 2018

Together we can! Trust in ourselves, move forward!

Hamutuk ita bele! Fiar an, la’o ba oin!
(Campaign slogans from Fretilin and CNRT)

Friday 20 July was a busy day for Timor-Leste’s new Parliament and Government.

After a long day of partisan squabbling, Parliament approved the first law of the new legislative term, authorizing a transfer from the Petroleum Fund to fund government operations until the 2018 State Budget is passed. See La’o Hamutuk’s web page for more information.

Also that day, the Council of Ministers approved the Government Program (Tetum or Portuguese) and circulated it to Parliament. We encourage the Members of Parliament, civil society, and all citizens and commentators to read and analyze this 130-page document carefully, as the programs and projects it describes will set the direction for the future of Timor-Leste. La’o Hamutuk has posted the Program (with partial, unofficial English translation) on a web page.

La’o Hamutuk hopes that discussion of the Program will be more substantive and constructive than the Parliamentary debate last Friday. The vast majority of Timorese people are not politicians, but are ordinary citizens whose lives are affected by the policies, programs and actions of the officials whom they have entrusted to act in the public interest. The Government Program is an opportunity for everyone to consider, discuss and decide on the best pathways toward equitable, sustainable development for the entire nation.

Hamutuk ita bele!  Fiar an, la’o ba oin!

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