08 July 2010

Give input to Environ. Impact Stmt for Cova test oil well

The Italian oil giant Eni is inviting comments on its proposed Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Management Plan for the Cova-1 test well.  If approved, this will be the first oil well ever drilled in Timor-Leste's exclusive area.  Submissions are due by 23 July to the RDTL National Directorate for Environment.

Eni has contracted with the Italian company Saipem (of which it owns 43%), to drill the ultra-deep Cova-1 exploration well. The well will be in 1,930 metre deep water, and will extend 4,200 metres below the sea surface. The Cova EIS admits that this is an inherently high-risk activity (the current oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is under 1,500 metres of water). Eni hopes to start drilling in September.

La'o Hamutuk has posted a web page on this project, with background and Eni's proposed documents in English and other languages.

If you cannot write your own submission but have information or ideas you would like La'o Hamutuk to include in ours, please pass them on. Thank you.

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