23 July 2010

LH Submission on Cova-1 deep water test well

La'o Hamutuk has just made a submission to the RDTL National Environmental Directorate about the Cova-1 deep-water exploration oil well which Eni wants to drill in September in Timor-Leste's exclusive offshore territory. Our main points are:
  • Public consultation should be better.
  • Safe and clean operation is more important than Eni’s financial gain.
  • The oil spills modeled are too small.
  • No flaring should be allowed.
  • Regulators have the right to inspect operations.
  • Local content requires more effort.
  • Pay attention to accuracy and detail.
  • Eni should plan for 2010’s unusual weather patterns.
  • Plan for additional ship traffic.
La'o Hamutuk web page on the Cova-1 project.

1 comment:

  1. In mid-August, ENI responded to La'o Hamutuk's submission, at
    Eni is planning several more test wells in Block C, and La'o Hamutuk posted additional information and commentary to
    http://www.laohamutuk.org/Oil/Project/Cova/10EniCova.htm on 7 September.